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Thermal testing underway

Two of the team were able to work again today, and spent a couple of hours after school finishing the last touches on the satellite to prepare it for testing and then launch.

At the moment, the satellite is in a refrigerator, taking data while being monitored by another data collection computer as well.  We’ll confirm things are working OK, and then it will be ready to fly.


Nearing the launch date…and launching seniors?

One of the challenges of supporting a group like this is that it’s hard to schedule time for six busy people to work together all at the same time.  It’s been hard, but nearly every week at least one or two students were able to come in to work on the satellite for some time after school.

The breaks and pauses, some long and some short, led to a two-steps-forward, one-step-back situation.  I think we’ve learned something about how to work as a team, and we’ve also learned that future projects like this will need a little better scheduling to keep things running smoothly.

Nevertheless, the OHS Balloon Sat team is nearly finished with their satellite, and I’m proud of the work they’ve done and what they’ve accomplished.  They’ve learned to solder electronics, to design and build an airframe, to program a microcontroller, and to put it all together into an unusual, functional piece of near-space equipment.  It will be exciting to see the fruit of the team’s labor with launch and the data recovery.

This past weekend, we saw two team members walk across the stage and receive their diplomas from Ottawa High School.  Shawn and Megan are now proud OHS alumni.  Congratulations!

In the final stretch…

In the final stretch...

OHS Balloon Sat team members work diligently to complete the satellite. In this photo, all internal components have been mounted and the sensor swap-out location is complete (but empty). The chassis was later completely covered in Kapton tape for strength and some temperature regulation.

Nearing completion

Nearing completion

OHS Balloon Sat team members work diligently to complete the satellite.